If you own or operate a sizeable commercial building that needs a major renovation, you may be assessing your options. You know that you need to upgrade or replace a number of the key systems that make the property tick, and you may be inclined to deal directly with the individual suppliers to place an order. Yet this is the wrong way to approach such a significant task; instead, you need to bring in a consulting engineer to help you meet your goals. Why is this important, and how can this professional help?

Advice Required

Consulting engineers are trained to look at various options and to understand how one particular action may affect another. In short, they will not look at each service in isolation but will help you to analyse what would happen if you made one decision rather than another.

Going It Alone

For example, you may be inclined to talk with the providers of a new air conditioning system. This vendor may suggest a solution that may be a vast improvement over your old installation and will undoubtedly impress you with numbers, efficiencies and savings. Yet they may have a vested interest in selling you a top-of-the-line solution that, while it would undoubtedly be a good choice, could be far from the best.

Side-By-Side Comparison

Alternatively, an engineer will look closely at the options suggested by that vendor (and others if needed). They will then see how those performance figures vary if alterations or savings are made elsewhere. For instance, they may advise you to bring in an entirely new lighting system that will focus on the latest technology, feature high-tech controllers and generate less heat. If you choose this solution, then you may not need to get the top-of-the-range chiller or AC system after all, as the ambient heat within the building will be much lower.

Savings Add Up

Often, the differences may be subtle but nevertheless important when you look at your total annual expenditure. Small savings here and there can certainly help to make the building more efficient, reduce costs and make all of the occupants happier.

Your Best Solution

So the moral is clear. Do not work in isolation when facing a major renovation project like this. Bring in a consultant engineer at the very earliest stage so that they can look through all the options and advise you accordingly. Contact consulting engineers in your area to learn more.